10 Easy Dog Tricks

10 Easy Dog Tricks

Easy Dog Tricks

Dogs or man’s best friend are one of the most under-appreciated creatures. It has been scientifically proven that the companionship of dogs can get a person out of depression and keep them happier on an average level. Loyal till the day they die, dogs are self-less little creatures. In Afghanistan, two dogs had reportedly saved fifty US soldiers. There have been many such similar instances recorded worldwide. There was a story which later had a movie based on it, where a dog waited for the return of its owner, who had passed away, till the very day he died himself. Dogs are the best pets to have. They make a wonderful companion when you need one, they can be the ones you share your joy or sorrow with, and they will never abandon you no matter how you treat them Once you take them in, you then have someone for life. Not just adults though, it’s a good thing to have pets around children, especially dogs. Apart from protecting the children with their lives, the dogs are friendly and loving and a great influence on babies. As domestic pets, dogs are also incredibly amusing and active. You can teach them tricks and play with them; they can also be trained to do a number of other things.

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