10 Lesser Known Dog Breeds That Will Soon Make Some News


As every dog owner knows, having a dog in your house is a great source of joy and comfort. Not only are they the perfect companions and often useful guardians and/or pest-catchers, their magnificent coats and regal look often make them status symbols. Of course, a dog is a living creature and is not meant to be treated like property. The primary joy in having a dog is in giving it a good home alongside having that constant companion. Still, many people prefer pedigreed “breed” dogs, many of which have been bred specifically for the purpose of being kept as a pet. Each breed is proficient in a different activity and many have been bred for functions like racing, hunting, guarding sheep etc. Breeds like the German Shepherd and the Bulldog are well known, but among the myriad dog breeds in the world there are some relatively obscure ones that are now rising in to prominence. Here are 10 dog breeds that are likely to make big splashes soon.

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