10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America


The American Kennel Club (AKC®) reported that the astute, family-loving breed Labrador Retriever has secured the first position once again for the 24th time, proceeding with the longest chain as the country’s top hound in AKC history.
The Bulldog quite unnoticed, has crawled up the list, claiming a fourth position for the first time, which is its most noteworthy ranking in breed history. This delicate breed makes a fabulous family buddy with a distinctive bent in building up solid bonds with children, a simple and hardy coat and nominal exercising needs.
Likewise many-a-different yet unique species like the Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier and Golden Retriever have enhanced the diversity of the list with their distinctive qualities—with some being square-built, some specialized in herding and some other with spectacular swimming skills. Though the list provides a hierarchical quantification based on the popularity of the breeds, every breed stands in its own rights:

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