10 Plants and Flowers that could be Lethal for your Dog

Plants and Flowers that could be Lethal for your Dog


Anyone who has ever had a dog will attest to how playful and active these creatures can be, and how much they like putting anything and everything in their mouth, especially when they’re young and teething. Come Spring and they’ll be frolicking about even more, looking for things to dig up and bury again and generally making a mess in your garden. Chances are, whether during this time or at other times of the year, whether because you have an extensive garden or because you have gone out with your dog to some place with lots of flowers and greenery, and simply because they love experimenting and exploring, your dog may end up chewing and even eating certain plants or flowers. But canine metabolism is not exactly the same as ours, and many plants which may not be that harmful for us can be absolutely lethal for your dog. It is important to know and recognise some of these. Here are 10 plants and flowers that can prove to be lethal for any dog.

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