11 Tips on How to Make Your Dog Happy

11 Tips on How to Make Your Dog Happy


Sometimes life is a bed of roses, and we have our friends, significant others, and family with us when things are going really well. But there are also those cloudy days which make you want to run far, far away. Perhaps your boss decided to take out his anger on you. Maybe you didn’t get the grades you expected. Perhaps, the person you cared for the most just left you. But where do you run, when the whole world seems like a dark miserable place?

To your furry four-level friends, of course! From Hachi to Air Buddies, Hollywood has never spared any effort to portray the beautiful relationship between dogs and their human counterparts. Your journey with your pet dog may not always be smooth, particularly when they chew all your shoes and cushions, or fall prey to illness. Yet it’s one of the most rewarding experiences, particularly when you see how unselfishly and unconditionally loving they can be.  Because, remember the Budweiser advertisement? It ends with one of the most heartwarming messages ever: “Because your friends are waiting for your return“.

Your dog will always think you perfect and care about you, no matter what the world might think or say. Your pet may never actually demand special treatment – beyond the occasional ear scratching– but their unconditional gift of love makes them deserving of all the love you can give! So go ahead, read on, and find out how you can make your furry friends happy!

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