12 Foods You Should Never Give to Your Dog

12 Foods you should never give to your dog – bad food for dog – Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat


Dogs can be your best friend and a family member to their human owners. But they too need special care and attention. While a walk, a bath and a chew toy certainly feature high on the list of things owners must give their dogs, it is also important to research and read up on how to care for them in more detail. While dogs love being treated as another member of the family, there are certain things owners must take care to remember. Giving them food that does not adversely affect us, in fact food that we might enjoy, is not always a good idea. They have a different metabolic system and their diet is as important as ours. With great love for the dog, also comes great responsibility. Here’s a list of foods you should never give to your dog, even if you like them yourself.

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  1. penelope

    April 3, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    Well, we have an avocado orchard and the neighbor’s dog really enjoys eating the fallen fruit. He is overweight but not dead.

  2. Will

    April 7, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    I refuse to believe this. I had a Chihuahua that lived to be 16 years old and she ate and drank her weight in chocolate and coffee many many times. She was like a junkie. Your coffe was not safe while in her reach and she could shell a hershey kiss in just a minute and never harm the wrapper. Even my Vet said that it would just give her the runs. But it never did, I guess her bidy got use to it. Where do these people get their info?

  3. Cat

    April 7, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    Thanks for the helpful information. Many of the vegtables I did not know about, even bacon. I have shared this with loved ones.

  4. Anonomous

    April 22, 2015 at 1:57 am

    Ummm… Will? Why in the world would you give your dog chocolate or coffe??!! Your chihuahua eats there own weight in chocolate? You need to get your dog checked anyways because I don’t understand how that’s possible!! A chihuahuas stomache is very small, and just a little bit of chocolate can kill any chihuahua. I have not and never will give my chihuahua chocolate or caffeine any day! I really think it’s astonishing how nothing has happened to your dog…

  5. ER

    April 24, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    Some of these make sense, but from experience I still cannot understand the chocolate or the bacon, for that matter. I’ve had two healthy black lab mixes whose worst trip to the vet was due to dry skin and both had their fair share of chocolate. One of them even consumed a stocking full of it, she literally just yanked it off the wall and went to work. She is just fine. My aunt fed her dogs chocolate ice cream, both died of old age. I think chocolate needs to be studied by breed, honestly. Also, what dog has not consumed bacon at some point or another. My grandfather feeds his dog bacon, I have known plenty others to have ate it. Top off the madness, my dogs ate veggie bacon.

  6. Soreloser

    April 25, 2015 at 8:07 am

    WOW … I use to have two little muts (grew up with my children) and one day we decided to get Kentucky Fried Chicken for diner, but when we got home there was no milk, so we left to go get some and when got back the chicken was still on the table, but the huge cream filled Chocolate Easter Eggs were gone and both dogs had scarfed down all three eggs! At the time, I had no idea that chocolate was bad for them but regardless, they both survived and lived very long lives!

  7. Jody

    June 4, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    Our vets over the years have suggested a good brand of dry dog food. Then add bits of fatty meat a couple times a week- amounts appropriate for the dog. I’ve had chihuahuas, shepherds, labs, mixed breeds. We shared the beef stew and vegetable soup. Sprinkled garlic powder on the food of some who were picky to increase appetite and as a flea and tick repellant. I have been giving bits of fruit to the beggers. My 4 lb chi loves plain avocado and watermelon. I’ve had chi’s who loved grapefruit. My son had a tiny chi who would do anything for s grape. She played with them until she got bored then took them in front of the TV and peeled them to eat as she watched the commercials. One chi ate 1/2 of one of those chocolate bars the school kids sell without disturbing the wrapper. All of these have lived longer than 16 years without health issues. I lost one chi 3 years ago due to developing some kind of metabolic disorder caused by staying on one good brand of dog food like we’ve all been taught. Since he died I’ve paid s lot more attention to their diets. No grapes or rsidins, no onions or garlic in anything they get. The chi that ate the large amount of chocolate also loved my coffee. If I got up during a commercial I learned I had to take my coffee with me. And I always drink it black so he wasn’t going for the cream or sugar. I agree with others. There must be some breed specific issues here. And I really am missing onions and garlic in my home cooking. Since I have chi’s at the moment I fear dropping pieces on the floor might be found. And, according to all our vets, the small amount of fat they ate kept their skin and healthy, soft and shiny. Friends who are feeding only dog food and treats are having issues with hot spots, dry scaly skin, ear infections, coarser hair, tooth loss. My 19 year old chi came here at age 8 on alpo canned food and nasty teeth and gi problems. He died after years of good dry food, raw veggies, grass fed beef and fat, eggs and cheese, etc.with all his teeth which were clean and white and no more gi issues.

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