All You Need to Know About Dog Mating!

All You Need to Know About Dog Mating!

Breeding dogs is a prime concern among most dog owners. It needs a lot of research before you start breeding your dog. Taking care of the litters is a big responsibility. So, you need to think carefully before taking the decision. Consider why you want to breed your dogs, whether it is just for financial gain or to provide a companion to your lonely pet. It is also important to go for a health checkup to your veterinarian in order to make sure that it is healthy for breeding.


The Best Age for Breeding Dogs:

You should wait until your pooch reaches its sexual maturity. Otherwise, allowing the dogs to mate before reaching the mature age can cause considerable damage to their health. In extreme case, fatal injuries and death might also happen. Although female mutts will have their first heat cycle when they are six months old, they are not ready for breeding at this age. Male dogs are also willing to mate at a premature age. But the wise breeder will always wait for them to reach their mature age. Here are the mature ages for different breeds:

  • For small breeds: when they are 12 to 18 months old
  • For large breeds: when they are 18 to 24 months old
  • For medium breeds: when they are 15 to 18 months old

It is best to stop a female dog from mating when it is five years old as the process might exhaust it out. But a male dog can mate till it is 10 years old if it remains strong and fertile. A breeder should understand the heat cycle of the bitch before breeding. Do not allow your dogs to mate during the first year of their heat.

Prepare Your Bitch For Mating:

Look for signs of readiness in the bitch during her heat cycle. Swollen vulva and bleeding are sure signs of heat. If your bitch urinates too frequently, it is sign of an infection.

Make sure your bitch has the right weight and size appropriate for her age. Dangerous health issues can occur if the bitch is underweight or overweight. Keep your bitch confined when she is in season to avoid mating with other dogs that are not chosen by you.

Get your bitch bathed properly prior to mating. Trim the fur around her vulva to prevent any obstruction.

Prepare The Stud Before Mating:

Make sure you wash the male dog thoroughly before breeding. Trim away the fur around the penis and clean the genital area to prevent any infection from passing to the bitch through the mating process. Do not feed your dog before mating; this mitigates its tendency to vomit.


The Breeding Process:

Mostly, canine couples do not need much help from the breeder when they are mating as they instinctively know the process. Sometimes you may need to position the stud if he slides down on one side. The mating process may take hours as they will change positions. The two glands beside the stud’s penis will swell before insemination.

Make sure the environment is calm around them. If they get startled by any outside noise, the mating will remain incomplete. In fact, the sudden pulling apart can injure either of the canines.

Precautions after mating:

You should prevent the bitch from urinating for 30 minutes after breeding to retain as much sperm as possible. Let her take rest in her crate.


You can also go for alternative breeding method like artificial insemination which is very successful and hassle-free.

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