The Secret No One Wants You To Know About Grain Free Dog Food

The Secret No One Wants You To Know About Grain Free Dog Food

We’ve all seen those TV commercials featuring lovable and content canines that advertise processed dog food packed in attractive cans and disposable bags. But don’t let the picture of those happy and healthy dogs lure you into believing the illusion they want to project. Time for a reality check, let us delve deeper into the dirty secrets of the commercial food manufacturing companies and how grain free processed dog food is slowly weakening your pet’s immune system.

The deal with “delicious” processed pet food

Processed or grain free dog food involves removing the gluten content from the canine food. The food is now free from wholesome grains and nutrients that are an integral part of your pet’s overall physical and metal growth. And though grain free dog food is tastier, it minimises the health quotient of the diet considerably.

The truth about grain free food

Almost every dog food manufacturer claims to offer grain free diet for canines but is grain free pet food really beneficial for your dog? Contrary to the popular belief, grain free diet doesn’t really reduce the risk of allergies and infections. All the hype created over the grain free pet food is but a marketing strategy that misguides people about the risks of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Canine grain allergy is a very uncommon issue among dogs so don’t fret over it.


Why is it so popular?

A growth in the demand for pet food has led to an increased production of cost effective and instant canine diet option that is easily accessible and well promoted.  Almost all the big brands now offer grain free dog food that claims to be a healthier alternative to the ordinary non-processed raw dog food you usually use. The aggressive marketing and attractive packaging only adds on to its appeal.

How is it bad for your dog?

Grain free pet food is said to be better and tastier than its conventional counterpart, however there is more than what meets the eye. According to scientific studies and surveys conducted by various institutions it is discovered how gluten is actually a pretty important component that enhances the nutritional content of the canine food. Rich in vitamin B iron and fibre non-processed dog food is actually good for your pet! Removing the gluten content from the diet can adversely affect your dog’s health and trigger the risk for cancer and other fatal diseases.


The money factor

Grain free food involves a lot of refining, processing and addition of special ingredients thus greatly adding on to the production cost. This cost is then pushed over to the consumer who has to pay extra for the chemicals and adulteration that would ultimately harm his/her pet. So stop pampering your dog and treating him to grain free food! Save on the expenses and switch over to a normal wholesome and nutritional diet instead.

So what should you feed your pet dog?

Home cooked meals, wholesome dog treats, organic pro-biotics and raw green leafy veggies are excellent dietary options for your furry friend. High on nutrition and low on calories, the unprocessed pet food packages though not as fancy are definitely a more practical option.

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