Top 10 Dog Training Tips

Top 10 Dog Training Tips

Many people have pets, but very few can train them to their desired standards. It’s not just taking authority or chaining him up. On the other hand some grow a soft corner for their pets in a short while and act as per their wishes. Both of them are very wrong way to give any relationship a proper robust sustainability, letting alone the pet-master one. It’s just like a relationship between a father and a child. A child wants many-a-things, but the father should be sensible enough to know the threshold and the limits. Some fathers are afraid to cross the threshold, which grows a sense of deprivation in the child and some are afraid to be strict enough to draw the limits, presuming it to grow a distance between them. But the parents who can strike a balance between these two are the ideal ones whose kids become the envy of all. But it isn’t that hard to be a good pet-parent, all you need is the right amount of patience, attentiveness and awareness. Patience gives you the sense of authority and tolerance at the same time, attentiveness makes the dog understand how precious he is to you and awareness lets you know when to pull and when to loosen up the thread. For the rest of it, here it comes:

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  1. Will Bandele

    May 8, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    Thanks for the tips. My dog is a Pit-Lab mix female-with a sweet disposition. Can I train the lab part to be a hunting bird dog. I can see Sazzy-Blue retrieving quail and pheasant. What do you think?

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